A Tribute To Denny Sanford And The Sanford Family

Though art can be seen in the NEW Sanford Medical Center Fargo, one of the most prominent pieces is actually on the outside, more specifically at the main entrance. This piece of art is a tribute to Denny Sanford, who is Sanford Health’s greatest donor and also one of the nation’s most preeminent health care philanthropists. Thanks to Denny’s contributions through the years, Sanford is able to be a leader in the health care industry.

The statue is almost 13 feet tall and greets both patients and guests to the facility. Around the base of the statue, five words that convey the mission of Sanford Health are inscribed. These five words are community, health, healing, calling, and leadership.

To both the right and left of Denny’s sculpture are the “Dedicated to Care” sculptures. These sculptures pay tribute to the physicians, nurses and staff that come to the hospital every day to care for those in need. They display the dedication and compassion of the Sanford family who have committed their lives to the work of health and healing.