Opening Day At The New Sanford Medical Center Fargo: A Smooth Transition

Yesterday was a monumental day for Sanford Health, a day that has been in the works since Sanford President and CEO Kelby Krabbenhoft announced his vision back in 2009. Yesterday the new Sanford Medical Center Fargo officially opened its doors and accepted the very first patients.

As it turns out, opening the doors to a new 1-million square foot, $494 million hospital is not an easy task, but one that was done with great success thanks to the hard work and planning of hundreds of Sanford employees who have spent years preparing for this day. Susan Jarvis, Executive Director of Emergency and Trauma for Sanford Fargo as well as Incident Commander for move day, said that the moving plan comprised of around 500 pages of detailed documents.



To make this transition a smooth one, 390 t-shirts in nine different colors were given out to the employees and volunteers who assisted with move day. Different colors represented different teams, each with a different task for the day’s events. More specific roles were displayed on the back of each shirt so it was very clear exactly who would be doing what. Some of these roles included Patient Move Commander, Unit Patient Sender, Environmental Services, and Porter.




Health Care Relocations, a niche company that specializes in healthcare relocation services, assisted with the physical relocation of medical equipment at the hospital. This task started last Friday, when operating rooms began to shut down at the Broadway campus and equipment was moved to the new medical center. However, the intensive work really began Tuesday morning when the emergency room and patient care, services that cannot be interrupted, had to be moved.



A total of 66 patients were transferred from the Broadway campus to the new medical center, a majority of them coming from the Sanford Children’s Hospital. There were 25 neonatal intensive care babies and 12 Children’s Hospital patients. The first patient was moved at approximately 7 a.m.

The first patient to be transferred to the new Sanford Medical Center Fargo was Dolani Clark, a 5-month old girl with a metabolic disorder that frequently puts her in and out of the hospital. Dolani’s mother, Mercedes Clark, was impressed with her daughter’s new room on the ninth floor of the new hospital. The room was large enough that her entire big family could all visit at the same time.

By 6 p.m., all 66 patient transfers had been completed; additionally there had been 70 emergency room visits and a total of 130 hospital inpatients, including the 66 transfers. A total of four babies were also born by 6 p.m., with the first baby born at 8:12 a.m. To celebrate the first birth, Sanford Health gave the little boy, Kadyn Reynolds, a $1,000 scholarship as well as a gift basket of blankets, toys, and books. Local stores also presented donations. Kadyn was born over 32 days early and weighed 4 pounds, 1 ounce at birth. His early arrival made him forever a part of history for the new Sanford Medical Center Fargo.

Not just Kadyn, but all of the patients that visited the Sanford Medical Center Fargo on July 25, 2017, will have a special place in Sanford’s history. This day of successful execution is a good start to what is in store for the hospital, which will bring advanced, specialized care to the region for decades to come.

The services that are now provided in the new Sanford Medical Center Fargo are as follows:

Cardiology with interventions


Vascular surgery

Urgent GI intervention


Interventional Radiology


Emergency Room

Neurology with Interventions



CV Surgery

Emergent/Urgent Orthopedics

Emergent/Urgent Podiatry

Emergent/Urgent Ortho Hand


Critical Care

Emergent/Urgent Urology

24/7 Echos


Infectious Disease

Pulmonary Services